by FEM

Beauty salon: a sanctuary for women, beloved my us, dreaded by men. Some of you already know what goes on in these places, others might have bad memories from teenage years (acne scarring), or perhaps you're in that group that never felt the need to go but was always intrigued. No matter which category you belong to, there is a lot of vagueness and false information when it comes to discussing this particular subject. What's really going on in beauty salons, what does it mean to have a good quality facial and what are the standard rates?

It was sometimes believed that visits to the esthetician were reserved only for high maintenance ladies. Beauty concious ones who could afford it. Let's be honest, in smaller cities, such ladies were definitely considered slightly frivoulus and self- absorbed, and unfortunately, this connotation remains today even though we are smart enough to know that this is not the case. You can find an esthetician on every corner these days. But what is the purpose of going to the salon, why does anyone turn to estheticians? For the most part, we tend to visit them when our skin issues become too big to solve at home. This includes acne and aging skin, which is of course understandable. As long as we are under the impression that we can handle the situation ourselves, we do not feel the need to visit a specialist. This brings us to the first point: we can indeed keep smaller issues under control at home. Fem Plus would not exist if we didn't agree with this. It is also true that it is much better to go for regular facials, opposite to only going when things go wrong. Repairing the skin situation in a critical stage will be much more difficult and expensive. It's the same as going for regular car checkups. If we're consistent when it comes to taking care of our skin, we can avoid some of the issues like scarring, pigmentation, unnecessaire skin aging. If your skin is normal and healthy, a visit to the salon two or three times a year is perfectly okay. You can maintain the results with good home skincare. This is also a way to get that model worthy, glowing skin. Of course, no one is denying the fact that models do it because of their profession and that's basically their way of life. But if we want serious results, we need to take things seriously. Buying a single cream, hoping that it's going to change your skin forever, is nonsense. This has not and will never happen, sorry to break it to you.

So, we resort to salons for several reasons. One of them is certainly professional salon products, which are different and, above all, more powerful than the one used at home and therefore produce superior results. Why can't you get these products over the counter, you ask? Because you need to know how to use it. A good example of this are acid exfoliators, which have become super big in past years, and we're already witnessing damaged skin barriers as a result of misusing. Estheticians have the acquired knowledge and experience that comes with many years of work. What have we got? Google, a million misinformations and itchy fingers. How does this usually end? With pimples, irritated and sensitized skin.

This brings us to the second point: what does a quality salon service look like? We have heard a lot of bad stories about scarred skin, salons without basic hygiene and knowledge, so we are not surprised that some of you are in doubt when it comes to facials. The simplest advice for finding a good beauty salon is to look for one with a good reputation and a higher price range. The more positive reviews you get, the more confident you can be. Ask your friends, work colleagues, ask someone you follow on Instagram, etc. In short, be proactive, you only have one skin. As for the higher price, good quality salon products and machines don't come cheap. Also, these women know what skin transforming powers they have and value theri work. If a one-hour face treatment costs 20- 30 € it's best to turn around and walk away. Keep in mind that this price includes material, labor, rent, and costs. So, if the price is ridiculusly low they must be saving somewhere. This can also be reflected in the recycling of disposable tools/material (gloves, needles), which is an absolute no-go. You probably don't want the "remains" of a foreign epidermis on your skin. So how much should you pay for a good quality facial? In Ljubljana, around € 50 to € 100, depending on the length and type of treatment. Some products simply cost more than others. Same as in store. It is also a good idea to book appointments in advance, for several dates to come, advance and ask for a discount based on regular visits. Once you have a list of salons that interest you, it's time to get to know each other. Same with hairdressers. You might go to a salon that your friend loves but that doesn't mean that you're going to like it as well. Some prefer a more professional relationship, while others like to talk about their personal lives. Both are okay. That's the reason why there are so many salons all over. Because everyone vibes differently. You might be lucky and find the perfect one on your fist try.

The choice also depends on the treatment you want. Not all estheticians specialize in microneedling or laser treatments for example. For something like this, contact your local dermatologist or someone who is really well educated and skilled in these type of procedures. Don't go to a local esthetician doing microneedling in their basement. Again, the more you give, the more likely the service will be of good quality. Especially with more complex procedures and more complex skin types. You only need one bad visit that can scar you for a long time. When it comes to extractions, look at your esthetician's hands. If her nails are long, that's not a good sign. Doesn't matter if it's gelish or natural, they shouldn't be long! They can damage your skin severely. You can't really expect good treatment if she can't touch you without putting our eye out.