by FEM

Changing of the seasons does not only affects our mood, but also the condition of our skin. The level of sebum varies with fluctuations in temperature and humidity. In the fall, some fight the battle with greasy skin, while for others it's the beginning of the dry season. Our job is to keep everything in balance with the help of skincare. Fear not, there is no need to change your whole routine. With skincare, it's similar to our wardrobe. It is necessary to adapt to different seasons. You may set something aside over the summer, but you know it will be perfect for colder weather conditions!



The time has come to change your cleansing foam to something more creamy. This can be applied to skincare throughout the year. Foaming cleansers are, unfortunately, often too aggressive and remove things that should not be removed from the skin. Naturally occurring oils are there to build a barrier that protects against external influences. Washing yourself too aggressively will break your skin balance, which can lead to even more sebum production. Or to completely dry skin. Therefore, in the colder months, stick to cleansers in the form of cream or milk. These are generally gentler and more nutritious. Choose one that will calm your skin in this cold and windy weather. Nuxe Lait Demaquillant Confort is definitely one of the better choices.


Sun, SPF and self-tanning products may be the reason why your skin is uneven and acting nasty (#acne). The wonderful products that can save you from this conundrum are toners with AHA or BHA acids. If you put them away during the summer, now is the time to bring them back. Daily use will provide gentle exfoliation and prepare the skin for the products that follow. Such toners are also a much gentler variant of similar exfoliating masks. A good example is REN Ready Steady Glow and Pixi Glow Tonic.



Replace your light lotions with more nutritious creams. As we move to colder weather, it often happens that our skin reacts excessively to the cold. This means pimples, greasy or on the other hand, dry or dehydrated skin. By returning or adding moisture, this situation can be almost completely avoided. Pick a moisturizing cream with added antioxidants to help repair sun damage. Hyaluronic acid couldn't hurt either.



The last train to the Land of Magical Oils has departed from the platform and it's time for you to jump on to that wagon, quickly. It's old-fashioned to think that oil greases the skin and causes acne. They can be found in all possible variants, including those that are intended for problematic skin. Read: Black cumin. You can also find super oils with added retinoids for example. Choose an oil that suits your skin type and apply it after moisturizing to seal everything in. Or mix a drop of oil with your favorite cream and apply on your face.



Autumn is also a great time of year to introduce new products. But slowly, please. Skin needs its time to get used to new things. You can enhance your routine with active serums containing vitamin C. You can add a hyaluronic acid serum for extra moisturizing. Or play with retinoids. Seasons with less sunshine are perfect for such adventures. Feed your skin once or twice a week with a moisturizing mask and get yourself an eye cream. Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is great for cooler periods! Lastly, don’t forget the mandatory SPF and lip balm. Without good prevention, all other remedies will be in vain!