by FEM

Hallelujah, Mother of God, full of mercy, the sun is finally here after an excruciatingly long period of bad weather. The weather literally switched from one day to another. Of course, no one is complaining about the warmth of the sun and the cheerful mood of people. The issue now is that our skin is the color of yogurt, dull and flakey, but outside temperatures call for shorts. Help us, God. All we need is a bit of tan, which seems impossible to get because of our fear of melanoma. For this reason, we feel obligated to offer a solution. Self-tanning!



Perhaps the most important step in the whole process, if you want an even and glowing tan. Without a proper exfoliation process, there's a risk your skin will look a bit crispy. If crisp skin is not your priority, brush your skin thoroughly but gently a few days before the scheduled self-tanning procedure. We are talking about dry body brushing which, in addition to effectively removing dead skin, also offers super stimulation of the lymph, resulting in better blood flow, which can result in firmer skin! Some also say it reduces the appearance of cellulite. Va-va-voom! Who doesn't love two in one?! Begin to brush your body at the ankles and end at your chest. Be gentle, brush up, towards the heart. Keep your skin dry, of course, so do this before showering. When you reach the décolletage, be cautious and reduce pressure. You can also skip this part if your skin is extremely sensitive and thin. If dry brushing is not already a part of your daily routine, start the process at least a couple of days before. It's better to do gently and slowly, then all in one day, aggressively brushing your skin right before you start tanning. You may even grow to like it and incorporate it into your daily routine. If you don't like dry brushing you can also try exfoliating gloves while you shower, DIY sugar, and honey exfoliators, or purchase a body scrub.  



When the evening comes, scrub or brush your body and shower. The purpose of the cream is to soak into your skin, not into your bedding, so don't do it directly before bed. An hour or so before is fine. If you don't already know this, self-tanning products leave stains on the fabric. So be careful about wearing white clothes the next day. However, you don't have to worry too much, as most creams wash off normally. There are two types of self-tanning products available. The ones that bring immediate results and others that toast you gradually. The choice is entirely yours. If you are a beginner, the gradual version will be easier for you. Alverde from DM Drogeriemarkt, for example, is really cool. It does not stink, does not stain, applies beautifully, nourishes the skin and it is really cheap. You can't miss with this one. So, polish your skin, jump in the shower and get ready for action. Make sure your skin is completely dry before applying the cream, otherwise there's a chance of streaks. If you opt for instant tanning, the use of gloves designed solely for this purpose is essential. If you don't use them, you will end up with orange palms. Not hot. You usually get them with the cream, but you can also buy them separately. When applying, be thorough, take time and do not forget your neck, and your upper back. Let someone else help you with this. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap when done. While you wait for the cream to soak in, you have enough time to watch an episode (or two) of your favorite show. Just be careful how and where you sit, especially if your sofa is white.



If everything goes according to plan, you will wake up super tanned the next morning, as if you're just back from the Maldives. Magic, really. Who needs sun anyway?! You can take a quick shower in the morning to get rid of the smell. By this time the color has already developed sufficiently and it will not make any difference if you remove it from the skin. Repeat the gradual browning process until desired. Of course, you don't need to do this with instant self- tanners. Maintain skin color and glow with regular exfoliation (at least 2x a week) and apply the cream as needed. For a super gorgeous finish, we highly recommend the use of dry body oil that will give the appearance of juicy skin. No crispy crust insight.