by FEM

"I'm originally from Croatia, Labin to be exact. This is my home and we spend a large part of the summer season here with my family. There's nothing like the seaside. It really relaxes me the most. Of course, love brought me to Ljubljana, and I've been here for 19 years. During my studies, I met a makeup artist Jasna Okleščen, who was also doing makeup at my wedding. Meeting her was my turning point. I turned my hobby into something more serious. Before I took the makeup course at Jasna, I only did makeup on my firends. Shortly thereafter, I also met Maja Šušnjara, whose work I have followed for some time in Elle and similar magazines. She is still one of my favorite people. I became her assistant and after a while got a call for my first freelance editorial in Elle. I remember exactly how excited I was. From flipping through my mom's fashion magazines, to co-creating editorials.

My style changes over the years and experience, which is natural, of course. When I started, my philosophy was "more is more". I thought that the only way of doing proper makeup was doing way too much of it. That changed the moment I met Mimi Antolovič, who taught me that more isn't more. And I'm very grateful for that! She has helped me tremendously and led me into a new world. In the "less is more" world. My current motto is "age more, makeup less". This, too, is something I learned from Šušnjara and I pass it on to my clients, and at my lectures at Carpus. However, it all depends on the individual.

I prefer to keep my eyes and lips in balance. It's either one or the other. I also avoid a full face of coverage. During the day, I only use Chanel CC cream, which I bought based on good reviews and I can say that it is really great! I used to have the BB cream from Estée Lauder, but I currently find it to heavy. For under the eye area I Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. I use my fingers to make it look more natural. I love cream blushes. Perricone No Blush Blush is a really cool thing. I lean towards peach tones as they give a fresh, well rested look. For a slightly tanned look, I also add a bit of bronzer. Hoola from Benefit has been my favorite for many years. In areas where I shine excessively, I apply Velvetizer from Urban Decay. I like that it picks up grease but at the same time does not make my skin look flat. When I go out my makeup goes a bit crazier. I love Chanel cream eyeshadows. I have so many. For the wilder variants, I like shimmery shades from Pat McGrath, which I combine with Bobbi Brown eyeliner. I'm more modest about mascara. Smoky Lash from Makeup Forever is my current favorite. To give my eyes a well- rested look I apply a nude eye pencil to my waterline and curl my eyelashes with a Shu Uemura curler. I roll them 3x. At the root, in the middle and at the end. A layer of waterproof mascara at the end is a must, without this the lashes fall out too quickly. My rule when applying makeup is, do your eyebrows first. That way you know exactly how much makeup you truly need. I prefer to use pink-nude, peach-nude lipsticks during the day, and red shades in the evening. Chanel and MAC are my go-to brands. Oh, and Tom Ford, if only it wasn't so expensive. I like Tatouage from YSL because it's very durable and becomes super velvety after application. Even though I'm a makeup artist I prefer a more natural look. Even makeup itself looks much better when skin is well kept. Otherwise it can quickly look like a mask. For the same reason, I don't like conturing and I'm glad this trend is slowly disappearing.

My evening routine is quite similar to the morning one. Most important of course is removing the makeup. I never and I mean never, go to sleep with makeup on my face. I remove it with Sothys milk cleanser, rinse with water and baby cloths. I used have Eve Lom wipes. My friend who is a dermatologist in London recommended them. But they are quite pricey. Cleansing wipes, cloths or plain towels are better at removing makeup than just using water. At the same time, they provide a slight scrub. After cleansing, I apply REN Ready Steady Glow tonic and spray with Caudalie Beuty Elixir Essence. I follow with a serum and eye cream from the Slovenian brand Noage. I routinely finish my skincare with Edelweiss Cholley cream. I use it both in the morning and in the evening and it is really good at regulating redness and pigment stains. Despite never exposing my face to the sun, I tend to burn quickly. Which I don't. This cream brightens the skin and gives it a fresh look.

I change my regimen according to my skin condition, which naturally changes with the seasons or hormonal conditions. Once a week I apply an acid scrub from Sothys, leave for three minutes and rinse. Exfoliation is usually followed by a mask and lying on the couch. I'm currently testing some Korean masks that my colleague recommended to me. I have to admit they are really good! In my free time, I like to clear my head in the gym. Be it Pilates or workouts with my personal trainer. I always emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how it reflects on the skin.

Therefore, I also do not believe that anti cellulite creams work without exercise. I had two, but I admit that I'm a bit lazy about body care. I use black soap in the shower, whose name I unfortunately forgot. But it's really good! It also serves as a scrub. A large bottle of La Roche Posay Lipikar shower gel and body milk is a constant in our bathroom. The best cure for dry skin! I also like olive body butter from The Body Shop.

I have a pedicure every month but rarely go to a manicure because I like to play with nail polish myself. I let myself go when it comes to nail color. My collection of nail polishes is really huge. I buy them according to mood and seasons. Summer is the time when I go for the craziest colors. I love Turquoise and fluorescent colors, which of course don't go with anything in my wardrobe. I had an obsession with red this summer. My standard palette is black, red and beige, but I really look forward to fall shades every year. I prefer Essie, OPI and Zoya. I avoid glitter. Also, artificial nails that are on my no-go list. I think it looks really terrible. Especially those almond- shaped that were popular a year ago.

The beauty salons I like to go to are Lavanda and Samana. The latter is nearer to me, but Karla from Lavanda knows her skin care. I also buy salon cosmetics from her. Luka Korošec does my hair. The guy is really good at it and we get along really good on sets. For a haircut, I go to Mare or Žiga in Mare Dresura Frizure. My hair is naturally curly, but I only leave it alone during the summer because I like the appearance of curls combined with bare shoulders. As for haircare, I swear on Bumble & Bumble. I have had many of their products and they're all amazing! I especially adore their Prêt-à-powder Très Invisible Dry Shampoo. Although I recently discovered a dupe. It's called Colab. It's sold in Muller. ”

- Romina Regvat for Fem