To be honest, the current weather is making me desperate and depressed. To put it mildly. My skin feels the same. Given that I have slightly dry skin, one would think that high levels of air humidity would do her good. And it has, for a while. Now my sebaceous glands are becoming confused and they would like a bit of time alone (read: sun and dry air). In other news, I deal with a mixed skin type, prone to dryness. Especially in the cheek area. Especially, especially in winter. Therefore, unlike other skin types, my skin feels great when the premenstrual phase hits, as the production of oil levels up. I know that all of you PMS outbreak sufferers are gonna curse me now. What can I do, life is not fair. Each carries its own burden. But even my dry skin has had enough moisture and this wet weather conditions.

Skincare is not a static thing. It varies with the seasons, the level of humidity in the air, the temperature of the air and, ultimately, the human health / hormonal status. As we know, the skin very quickly shows what is wrong in the body. Which is a blessing and a curse all in one. For example, if we go on an eating or drinking #yolo escapade, our stomach will tell our skin to tell us to go to hell. Communication goes something like this...


Our brains and our hormones:"Omg this weather is so miserable. We are so freaking depressed. One big, greasy pizza would definitely help makes us feel better!"

At this point, the pizza has already been ordered and eaten. 

Our stomach:"You know what brain, you know whaaat?!? I've had it with this shit, I can't digest it anymore. I'll make sure you get this message once and for all!"

Surprise, here come pimples! But we are these strange beings who of course repeat this sequence throughout our lives, because who needs lessons?! In theory, we could eliminate these (bad) habits and our stomach and our skin would be utterly happy. But what if there are external factors to blame for poor skin conditions? Fortunately, the solution here is far easier than with food.

Until recently, my skincare routine consisted of circa seven products. Both in the morning and in the evening. I took my makeup off with micellar water, then I washed the skin with a cleanser, rinsed, toned, applied two different serums and finished with the cream. I was also using mists throughout the day. Life was truly beautiful. Until the rain came into play. And moisture. And cold. And all this shitty weather. Problems began to emerge slowly. A pimple here, a blackhead there. I didn't even take the situation too seriously as I thought this might be due to my diet, so I continued with my normal skincare. However, sebum accumulation continued, and consequently, skin issues. I thought maybe acids would help! Nope, no improvement. The skin had its wit and its way. We didn't understand each other. This is what happens, even to the most experienced, because you always think of the most drastic things first. Much like googling the symptoms of a disease - it always ends in cancer. I would like to tell you that I came up with a very clever solution on my own, but I'd be lying. One evening, after my standard facial cleansing, I got into a debate with my boyfriend who was soaking in the bathtub. I sat on the side of the tub and happily continued the conversation, forgetting that I had not applied anything to the skin after cleansing. After a while, we stopped chatting and went to sleep. Still no serums, no creams on my face. Here's what happened. I woke up the next morning and my skin was feeling great! Completely soothed, non- oily, no new outbreaks. Of course, I didn't immediately know why, so I started thinking. I then repeated the exercise with zero products the following evening and woke up with gorgeous glowing skin that confirmed my assumption. Due to the high humidity in the air, my skin reacted negatively to any excess moisture intake in the form of serums and creams.

Now for a week or two, after a thorough cleansing in the evening, I only apply a light serum. Sometimes I even just stay with the toner. I wake up in the morning with such great skin that I only apply an SPF cream. If I work from home I actually leave it completely untouched. I don't clean it, I don't apply any products, I usually only refresh it with thermal water. The sebaceous glands subsided, the pimples and blackheads are gradually disappearing. All I currently do regularly is just brutal body workouts and face yoga.

I admit, I miss my intoxicating and beautiful cosmetic bottles, but I am constantly reminded of the beautiful appearance of my skin, which does not need to be attacked with skincare. The saying "less is more" is so, so true in this case. Listen to your skin and adjust your skincare accordingly. Also, learn from my mistakes and don't complicate things if not necessary. Sometimes you just have to take away or add something small.