I don't remember exactly when but sometime during my youth my grandmother said that it's about time I start doing my brows. Cliché or not, grandmas know best. With this advice, my journey to beautiful, sleek eyebrows began - at least in my head, if not elsewhere... Like every ultra-smart teenager who thinks she's Pat McGrath, I bravely reached for the tweezers and started plucking. At that moment my decision seemed a lot more sensible than visiting a professional. What can be so complicated about eyebrow plucking?! You squeeze and you pluck. Aka veni, vidi, vici. In my case; NON VICI! At this point, I can calmly say that it'd be better to listen to someone who has already made that mistake (<- insert a sad emoji). My gorgeous lush eyebrows have transformed from Brooke Shields to Marlene Dietrich. Despite well-intentioned and encouraging comments (the damage was still in the repair phase at the time), to let the over-plucked eyebrows grow and visit an expert, I continued to shape them myself. That was the only thing I was committed to.

Let's skip a decade or so and my eyebrows are still extremely thin. The damage is now long past the period of repair. The desire for full eyebrows, however, courtesy of Cara Delevingne & Co. is growing bigger. So, one day I decided it's time to visit a professional. Deep down I was hoping for a miracle that of course never happened. Instead, I got an eyebrow outline/a plan of some sorts of what they should look like and a tip to leave them alone. 5 years and 500 bottles of castor oil later *, the situation remains the same. Let me emphasize that during all this time I was a very good girl and did not pluck a single eyebrow! Except for that one that went out of line and looked weird. Despite all the hard work my Dietrich eyebrows are clearly here to stay.

And so, began the hunt for cosmetic and make-up gadgets that would at least improve the appearance of my eyebrows. After several years of researching and testing, I finally came across a product worthy of flying across the ocean! Pomade of gods, the secret of Cleopatra's beauty - Glossier Boy Brow.

Glossier is American skincare and makeup brand that sells affordable beauty and a playful spirit that aims to address the younger generation, who no longer identify with large, well-established cosmetics companies. The brand crossed the borders of America for the first time last year, but for the time being it's unfortunately still inaccessible in Slovenia. But absolutely worthy nagging friends who travel or live in the US. Their bestseller is Boy Brow. Something between a mascara and eyebrow pomade. Something between earth and heaven. The description on their site says that when developing this product, they considered all the eyebrow needs and translated them into this product. The creamy formula hugs the eyebrows fill in the voids and adds volume. It's safe to say that our whole editorial team at Fem loves this product. Boy Brow is considered as the holy grail because it fulfills all promises and expectations! Available in four different shades, from transparent to black, depending on your preference of color intensity. The small brush makes it really simple to use even for those who share same eyebrow fate as I. The pomade holds the eyebrows in place from morning till evening and longer if necessary.

So, the love story with Glossier started with Boy Brow and went into a whole new dimension, which I'll explain some other time. Until then think of me if you find yourself crossing the ocean and end up in one of Glossier stores.


* Castor oil is a rich source of omega 9 fats with 89.5% castor acid, which has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Unfortunately, there is no research to confirm a positive effect on hair growth, but many testify that castor oil can be good prevention.

Inflammation of the scalp restricts the flow of blood into the hair follicle and reduces the number of nutrients required. In addition, inflammation can be a direct cause of hair loss, especially for those with alopecia. Ricinoleic acid has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects, similar to capsaicin, but without an increase in blood flow in the area used, which can cause irritation.

In addition, the ricinoleic acid antibacterial abilities that fight against fungal or other bacterial infections can help people suffering from hair loss. Using castor oil can cure the infection and keep hair follicles clean, healthy and free from infection.

And as if inflammation and infections weren't enough, there are free radicals that contribute to thinning and hair loss. The ability of ricinoleic acid is to find free radicals and neutralize them, thereby interrupting the reaction in the body, which affects cell damage. Therefore castor oil is a great anti-age and preventative care.