by FEM

Dry mouth, aching head, bad stomach... Sounds familiar? We're talking about a problem that is affecting the vast majority of the population and is particularly popular during the festive season. It's called a hangover! That feeling of life slowly leaving your body not fast enough to be painless. After a day or evening of partying, we sleep a lot, we're cranky and we love for people to leave us the heck alone. The best recipe for a hangover, of course, is abstinence. It does wonders like you won't believe. It really works! However, we did not gather here to preach about the disadvantages of alcohol consumption, but to help ease the hangover skin symptoms. It happened to all of us that the after-work drink ended with tequila and the next morning we had that necessary nine o'clock meeting.


In case alcohol is planned, preparations start the day before the hangover. Prior hydration of the body is essential! Drink water, lots of it. Before you drink that first glass of alcohol, eat something. Preferably something high in protein and fat. However, as an experienced veteran, you probably already know this. So, let's skip to more informative things like exfoliation of the face. You may have noticed that on the day of the hangover your skin gets gray and dull, which is also due to the build-up of dead skin. Therefore, before you put on that disco diva makeup, exfoliate. If you are comfortable with AHA's, then go for that. If not, use an enzyme peel. Or a damp cloth. During the evening, stick to alcohol that contains as little sugar as possible. Vodka soda is one of the better choices. Sugar is one of the main reasons for swelling. If you are prone to redness or have rosacea, move away from the wine as it will make your condition only worse. And don't forget about water! It helps tremendously. It is best to ask for a glass of water with each glass of alcohol. This will keep it in front of your eyes and make it much harder to avoid. When you get home, remember two things: makeup must come off and moisturizer must come on! Because we know you won't be bothered with an overnight mask, we recommend buying Weleda Skin Food. You put on a little more and it will serve as a mask. Don't forget to sleep on your back in order to avoid having it all over your pillow.


Good morning! If you're smart, you've already left a glass of water at bedside as you were going to sleep. It'll come very handy now. If you're not among the smart ones, drag your ass to the bathroom. By now you should be cursing that last vodka you drank (the main culprit for your hangover of course) and contemplate on the meaning of life and liver transplantation. With your free hand grab your face cleanser and start cleansing because your smudged mascara is telling you that you didn't do as thorough job last night as you thought you did. At this moment your skin is probably red, swollen and overall very poor looking. So, proceed gently. Use a gentle cleanser. Do not rub, do scrub. Apply serums to moist skin. Today's goal is moisturizing! The more the better. Hyaluronic acid is great. Moisturizing and soothing sheet masks are even better, especially if you have stored them in the fridge the day before. If you have a cold face roller on hand, just roll it over the mask. This will stimulate circulation and help with drainage. Also, the sheet mask will absorb better. When you're done with the mask, apply a moisturizer. Apply it in a thicker layer than usual and massage your face with it. Don't forget about eye cream! According to the situation, you'll definitely need it. In principle, any cream or serum will be better than nothing. But if you are ready to go a step further, reach for a cream specified for this area. Caffeine (the skincare ingredient, not the beverage) may help. Of course, you can also use hyaluronic acid, which you applied earlier. A gel eye mask will also come in handy. Worth those two bucks. You can get a cheap one drugstores. It'll do. Just remember to throw it in the fridge the day before. During the day drink as much water as possible and feed your body with electrolytes. Coconut water is a better choice than Gatorade, as it clearly contains less sugar and less weird ingredients. Also, kombucha is great for balancing your stomach. A bit od healthy bacteria will not harm you. Take an epsom salt bath at the end of the day, apply a moisturizing face mask and congratulate youself on surviving.


p.s. There is also a simpler solution... You can order pizza and avoid mirrors all day. Works like a charm.