When you're twenty the condition of your skin is mainly influenced by genetics. And regenerative abilities of the body to erase all trace of those sleepless nights. Suddenly you're in your thirties where fun and games stop. There is no universal recipe for beautiful skin or one product that can solve a whole spectrum of problems. But fortunately, some people sacrifice themselves, for the sake of humanity and beautiful skin, to explain and make skincare easier. One of them is me. My priority list consists of cats and glowing skin.


My sports journey started primarily because of my spinal problems. Secondarily because of well-being and, finally, to achieve a firm ass. Beautiful skin came as a bonus point. In the process of recreation, I almost didn't notice how my skin changed. Then came winter and being a couch potato. After a long sports break, I tried to decipher what was different with my face. The skin of my face was undoubtedly more gray and saggy. I began to research the subject and came to the following findings: Exercise increases the flow of blood in our body. Blood brings oxygen to our cells and at the same time gets rid of free radicals (which cause us to age). This means our skin is less dull and perkier. It also lowers cortisol levels that trigger excess sebum production (= acne) and collagen destruction in the body. This is the reason why we look tired when subjected to long-term stressful situations. Not going into too many details the lesson of the story is quite simple- sporting is awesome! It's great for your body, your mind, and your skin. But don't forget to clean your face after exercising! Muy important! My advice: gentle cleansing + toner with Vitamin C or AHA / BHA acids. Keep in mind that after a sweating session, the skin is supple and more susceptible to the products you are applying.


Water, water and again water. Stop making excuses and start drinking. Water is still a basic component of the human body! If you find it hard to stick to a drinking routine you can use the following tricks. Use a post-it that says "drink water" and stick it to your computer, on the refrigerator, desk, etc. Another effective trick is to make a reminder on your phone that you leave open on the screen. Or put a bottle of water on your desk while working that way you'll have your eyes on it the whole time.

Another and equally important form of hydration, however, comes through the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a constant in my routine. Morning and evening, no matter the season. If you are considering which product to invest your money in, hyaluronic acid is a perfect choice. It is one of the core products that anyone can add to their care. You can start small. The Ordinary has a super cheap and super-efficient one. It comes in the form of a serum that you can layer as desired.


Dead skin sucks and has no place on your beautiful face. Chemical exfoliators are the bomb, and you absolutely need to add them to your routine. I realize that the thought of acid burning your face is pretty scary. I had the same doubts but "the promised land of soft and glowing Skin" awaits, my dear. This is no cheap trick! Chemical exfoliation is probably the most loved procedure of estheticians and dermatologists from all over. It's also true that AHA/BHA acids should be used carefully, but if you follow the instructions, you have nothing to worry about. For those of you who are just starting, read our article about the basics of chemical peels.


Using your hands or a face roller, it is important to stimulate circulation. Imagine it as a face exercise. The general rule of anti-gravity movement is an upward massage, so always move your arms (or roller) up and out- against the scalp. It's best to do it in the morning, on an empty stomach after a meditation. Just kidding. My advice is: If you have a face roller, keep it in the refrigerator and use it in the morning to depuff. The Jade Roller is perfect for anyone who wants to feel a bit extra and combine the massage with the power of crystals. I have a regular metal one that does its job just as well. If you prefer a manual massage, it's best (and easiest) to incorporate it into your routine. In the evening perhaps when you have more time on your hands. Apply your favorite evening cream or oil and devote a couple of minutes to do the massage. This ritual also enhances the absorption and utilization of the product. "



My diet is plant-based. I add dairy products and fish to the menu here and there. A while ago I tested my vitamin levels. It showed a lack of vitamin B12 (and a few others), which is logical since my diet was strictly vegan at the time. The pharmacy then sold me the most expensive vitamins and the problem was solved. Since then I have been taking the B complex every day. Only I swapped it for a cheaper version to make it a bit easier for my wallet and my mind. Because if it turns out that taking supplements is bollocks, my pride would never recover.

Scientific wise Vitamin B12 helps regulate and prevent hyperpigmentation. Vitamin B3 improves the elasticity of your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It can also improve problems with rosacea and generally irritated skin. B6 helps with hydration, dry and sensitive skin. B5, however, is thought to be excellent at lowering triglyceride and cholesterol levels, which indirectly promotes healthy skin.

God knows if this is true or not. But as long as my epidermis looks so great, I don't care.