by FEM

The foundation of good skin care is cleansing. Let's make that clear. Without an effective cleansing, all further efforts are in vain. On a daily basis, our skin is burdened by the environment we live in and of course by our lifestyle. Smog transmitted by air and bacteria on our hands is something that we have no direct influence on. On the other hand, there's makeup, sun creams and other potions that prevent our skin (to some extent) from breathing normally. Of course, this does not mean that sunscreen is a bad thing or foundation for that matter. In the wintertime, it serves as a great protection against the cold because of its dense consistency. However, it is imperative that at the end of the day, all these lotions & potions are gently removed from our skin as they have already been used. So, let's touch on the subject of double cleaning. Does it make sense? What does it do?



A simple explanation for double cleansing is to clean your face twice in a row. Who would have thought huh?! Crazy. This method came to us from Japan and southern Korea. Land of porcelain dolls and porcelain complexions- then it must be legit.

For the first part of double cleansing, you'll need to use an oil-based cleanser. This can also be a simple almond oil if you like. Oils, be they mineral or vegetable, are very good at dissolving all kinds of makeup and helping to remove stubborn sunscreen formulas. Also, oil attracts oil, meaning it will pull the grime from your pores. Newer formulas of cleansing oils have a slight advantage over their natural counterparts because they contain a range of ingredients known as emulsifiers. This allows the oil to mix with water and form a milk emulsion that flushes off the face much easier than natural oil.

In the second step, we introduce a water-based cleanser tailored to your skin type. The choice is completely yours. Think in terms of what you want to achieve. For those with dry skin, choose more moisturizing options (cleansing lotion), or vice versa if you have acne problems (gel or foam). For example, cleansers that promote skin renewal are a good choice. They usually write something in terms of "glow" or "radiance".



To avoid skin irritation and too much drying, we only perform double cleansing in the evening, when we want to remove everything that has accumulated during the day. There really is no need for this in the morning. You can then apply something softer or wash your face only with lukewarm water- for those who crave that extra fancy stuff, you can also use thermal water instead of regular one.

Let's get to work:

1. Apply an oil cleanser to your dry skin and massage in a circular motion. This process should take about a minute to distribute the oil really well and dissolve all the makeup. Watch the area around your eyes. Some cleaners are not suitable for this area. You're carefree if you use a natural oil. It may just make your eyesight a little hazy.

2. Wash the oil cleanser with lukewarm (God forbid hot!) water. Depending on the persistence of the oil, you can use a soft towel and soaked in water. Be gentle, do not rub.

3. In this step, apply a second cleanser to your moist skin. The water based one. Repeat the exercise from point one and take a minute or two to massage the cleanser into your skin. By taking a little more time, the ingredients have more time to do what they need and do it better.

4. Rinse the second cleanser and pat the skin with a clean, soft towel. It's worth emphasizing that in this you must never rub your face but only gently pat the water off. Or just leave it to dry a bit. We're not barbarians, hello. Change the towel regularly because of bacterial accumulation and do not share it with anyone. The bacteria that accumulates on your towel ends up on your skin so be dilligent about using clean, fresh towels. This is especially important for those who have acne problems!



Double cleansing isn't necessary for all people, but in certain cases can be worth a lot. For example, if you are a heavyweight makeup user and/or use a mineral sunscreen (these are those with ingredients such as titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide) then double cleansing is a must. It ensures that you remove everything. It also helps with better absorption and performance of the post-cleansing products.

Double cleansing can also help if your skin is very oily and gentler cleansers do not remove enough oil and at the same time stronger ones tend to dry your skin too much, making it tight. It is better to use two gentle cleansers than one rough one. 

For all those who are moderate in using sunscreens and makeup, it's sufficient to wash your face twice with the same cleanser. Or, use a soft wet towel in addition to your normal cleansing routine to help your cleanser even further. The decision is yours. Follow what your skin tells you.