by FEM

Vacation feels great. It soothes our body and our brain, fills us with new energy, new ideas, vitamin D and all the great things that come with that. We return home feeeling reborn, different people so to speak. All until real life comes knocking on the door and with it our real- life bank balance, which doesn't feel as great as the vacation did. So, what now? No point in crying after spilled milk, after all we can't really return those eaten lobsters. However, our skin should not be the one to pay for our lavish behaviour. How to take care of our skin when we're on a budget? Are there any cool, lower priced products? But of course!



A brand that needs no introduction. "No bullshit" mentality, no misleading marketing promises, clearly stated ingredients. Deservedly at the top of the list. Although you should know that the list is not ranked. The Ordinary is so great because it promises nothing. It only suggests what a particular ingredient can help with, and the judgment is left to you and the many ratings on their official site.

What to buy? Depending on what you need. If you are at the beginning of your skincare experimentation and do not know what exactly works for you, buy one thing and incorporate it into your existing routine. This way you won't be wasting money on products you are unsure about. A super entry point skincare to help you learn about new ingredients the easy way. When you get to the point where you start feeling like you know your way areound, you can switch to Deciem's higher proced brands with more sophisticated formulations. 

Where to buy? www.theordinary.com, www.feeelunique.com, www.cultbeauty.com, www.superskin.si



Good quality skincare, unfortunately often ignored. And undeservedly so! Our mothers and our grandmothers have been using their products since forever and they are still alive, well and beautiful. However, it's true that their packaging still resembles that era, but the content is so much better. The products are efficient, well-formulated, and they also try to get rid of some of the unattractive ingredients and, in turn, innovate their product lines. 

What to buy? You won't find serums with strong active ingredients, but they have a whole range of interesting basic products that you can combine very well with the active ingredients from The Ordinary, for example. Their moisturizing masks are very interesting and very good, the same goes for their creams. You'll find a whole spectrum and all are quite neutral and well moisturizing. Also, their cleansers and toners are pretty great, as they avoid the use of drying alcohol and sulfates that can potentially irritate the skin. It's worth getting your hands on their professional / salon line of products too!

Where to buy? Everywhere! You probably know where.



The only "natural" brand on this list. It's not exactly the most budget-friendly, but if you want ingredients of natural origin, this is certainly the lowest price-range we can recommend. Naturally sourced ingredients, especially those that are eco-certified, are not cheap, so don't buy natural creams for two bucks. Weleda prides itself with reliable, beautifully (and strongly) fragrant, basic products that are great for combining, like the brand above.

What to buy? If your skin is dry and unproblematic, then you'll have a field day trying out their products. Not so much if your skin is sensitive or acne-prone since most of their products contain oils and fragrance (essential oils). Also worth mentioning is their iconic Skin Food cream, which got its lighter version and a lip balm this year.

Where to buy? DM drugstores, Muller.



Is your skin sensitized because you've been over-attacking it with The Ordinary acid exfoliators? Or perhaps you want something gentle and basic, something that suits oily skin types. Let us introduce you to Sebamed. This might not end up on your top shelf photo, but who cares. It's what's inside that's important- in life as well as in choosing the right skincare products.

What to buy? Their Gentle Scrub is very interesting. We usually don't condone using mechanical scrubs, because they can damage the skin with their sharp particles, but this scrub uses wheat starch and kaolin clay. No coarseness! Great for normal to oily skin, but not for everyday use. Two times a week is perfectly sufficient. Let's not forget, Sebamed also has some great basic creams and cleansers! 

Where to buy? Pharmacies, www.lekarnar.si, www.feelunique.com 



Similar story as above. Non-specific, versatile and gentle. Cerave's products contain ceramides that protect the skin barrier, so they are super suitable for the most demanding skin types - those with dermatitis. A huge plus is also that their cosmetics do not contain perfumes. A paradise for sensitive skin.

What to buy? They are great for buying gentle cleansers and versatile creams that you and your whole family can use throughout life. If you are ever in doubt about a face cleanser and want to get the most for your money... A large tub of Cerave Cleanser with a pump is definitely your best choice!

Where to buy? www.feelunique.com



The British competition/copy of the skincare giant The Ordinary. Their values and approach are almost identical, the packaging slightly different but definitely inspired by their predecessor. They also place great emphasis on active ingredients and a short INCI list. Inkey's opinion is that users do not need to replace their whole skincare routine to achieve results, but can only add a specific product with the active ingredients and achieve the desired results.

What to buy? See The Ordinary recommendations above.

Where to buy? www.feelunique.com, www.cultbeauty.com



French pharmacy sweetheart also found in our regular drugstores. Unfortunately, we don't have such a broad set of products to choose from in comparison to France but can certainly find interesting stuff. If nothing else a gentle baby shampoo/shower gel for those days when you don't feel like using ten different products. It contains almond oil and smells of babies, cmon. The brand is similar in spirit to Sebamed and Cerave- for sensitive butts and red cheeks. 

What to buy? If you find yourself traveling through France, then definitely head to their pharmacies and browse between their gentle cleansers and creams. In Slovenia, you will find most of Mixa's products in the children's cosmetics department. All good, everyone likes a gentle shower gel!

Where to buy? In pharmacies, better-stocked shops and drug stores.