by FEM

In spite of endless product testing, we still search for an opinion when it comes to product reviews. Hell, we can't know everything. That is why this time we asked you, dear readers, for your opinion. You cast your votes on Instagram where you wrote us your favorite SPF face creams, we counted them and summed up the results in the story below. Only the most frequently mentioned products were listed as recommendations, otherwise, the list would be quite long and useless. Nobody wants that. So, enough chatter, let's get to the recommendations!



There are always products that stand out the most. First place goes to La Roche Posay, notably their XL line. Not surprising since they have held a very good standard for years and years. You can see them on top shelves all over the world. LRP products are also praised by makeup artists, not just us mortals! The French spokeswoman for effortless beauty Violette loves it and that is basically all the opinion we need. Second place went to Deciem's Niod Survival SPF 30. Interesting for its innovative formulation as well as for the brand itself. Their direct and honest approach is a real fresh breeze in the world of cosmetics. 



You also had a lot to say about Paula's Choice, which received much praise. You haven't really been very unanimous about which exact product is the best, but we believe that this is due to their diverse product offering targeted at specific issues. Paula knows her problematic skin and wrinkles, even when combined! It is best to go for the one that most closely addresses your skin problems. You were also excited to talk about Japan's Shiseido, specifically Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50 which our editorial board also finds very intriguing. Well, let's not forget the Clinique Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30. A great cosmetic brand for anyone who doesn't like or tolerate perfume among their ingredients (#sensitiveskin).



Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50 is, in your opinion and the opinion of the internet, the holy grail of Asian creams with a protective factor. Given that it is so difficult to get (it is only sold on Amazon and eBay) it must be really worth the effort. Asians are known for their superior formulations of invisible SPF creams, as they are obsessed with sun protection. The essence in question is almost invisible on the skin. This product receives 4 - 5 stars ratings all over the Internet, even on darker complexions! From Asia back to Slovenia, where Aphrodita's facial SPFs received good reviews. Sensitive Skin SPF 30 works great for people with very sensitive eyes. The cream also convinced our columnist Maja, who had never touched daily SPF creams before. Last but definitely very interesting, however, is the Nivea UV Face Shine Control SPF 50. To quote, "It's quick to absorb, does not leave a white cast, it's great!"


Thanks for your votes dear femilia!

Photo credit: Jacquemus