by FEM


"The idea of Fem Plus started to develop around the same time as this magazine. There were two reasons for this.

The first one was honestly that we needed something to keep Fem going- financially. As you can see, we do not have ads, nor do we believe in false product advertising just for the sake of money. The products mentioned on this site are the ones that we believe in, that we have tested and can speak about them with confidence. We believe that good products do not need false advertising. It is much easier to get people excited about something if you are excited about it yourself. Also, a website can quickly lose its authenticity when a million ads, pop-ups and false recommendations start appearing on it. The purpose of this magazine was never to sell, but to help people through fun but educational content.

Which brings us to the second reason for developing the Fem Plus sister site. The more we wrote about skincare, the more interest there was. More and more messages concerning skincare were coming to our inbox, which of course made us very happy! But I wanted it to be more professional and holistic. I was thinking about what would make my life easier a few years back. At the time, I found myself in a situation where I no longer knew what to do with my problematic skin. I didn't have an esthetician, I just wanted to be able to call someone who would tell me what's wrong with my skin and point me in the right direction. I believed that with good basic home care, I could solve a lot. This turned out to be completely true. But it took me years of intense research and error-making. If I had someone I could trust, my problems would probably be resolved much faster. "



"A mix between an esthetician and a beauty editor. This is the simplest explanation. A mix of academic knowledge and knowing the skincare market today. We combined the best of both worlds into one. I was thinking about the problems I was having, totally from my own perspective. I knew I wasn't ready to visit an esthetician or a dermatologist and didn't even know which one to choose, given that there are so many. All I wanted was some good advice and it seemed like that I wouldn't get that without additional expensive treatment. Nobody advertised just skin consultations. Even if I asked for advice, I got back a lot of vague answers, which I forgot in a few minutes. No one told me "this and that is happening to your skin, because of this and that, use these and these products and the condition will improve". In reality, it's not that easy, of course, since every skin is different. Lifestyle and genetics are also different. All this affects the skin. But some starting points can make a big difference. And this is where I wanted to start.

By giving people information about their skin condition, telling them what to stick with, what to avoid, and what to use to improve their condition. Then they can decide for themselves how to proceed. If they wish they can stay on their primary skincare routine, maybe start introducing new products, go for treatments... It's all in their hands. Once they have the knowledge and the cheat sheet we write for them, they can explore the cosmetic market as their heart desires. Healthy and radiant skin does not come by itself, it comes by paying attention and being consistent. "



"First of all, to get to know your skin and learn how to care for it. You'll get clear information about what to use for your condition, what feels good on your skin and what to avoid. You'll get all of this in a PDF file that you have forever. You can have it on your phone or computer and look at it whenever you need to. We also include a weekly routine, broken down into morning and evening, with detailed instructions on when to use something.

Secondly, we wanted people to save time and money. I can relate here to what I said earlier. If someone helped me in this way, I would probably solve my problems sooner than I did. I dare say that within a couple of weeks or months because the first results show up quickly. I would also save money by not wasting products that were totally unsuitable for my skin.

At that time, I attacked my little zits with a bucket of skin products for acne-prone. By doing this I only made the situation worse and damaged my skin barrier. Now I notice that almost every other woman uses the wrong products for her skin condition. Or on the other hand, the products are okay, but they use them in the wrong way. Anyone can have beautiful skin, to put it bluntly. You don't really need much effort. Just the right approach from the right angle. There are a lot of products on the market that do their job pretty damn well and are not that expensive.

My total current care, for example, costs around 50 €. But once in a while, I buy something expensive because I'm curious and because I do this for a living. I use them up in about half a year, some I even have for longer. Which means I spend about € 100 a year on basic skincare. This costs less than 10 € per month. I spend more on coffee cmon! At the same time, I am confident in my skin, don't use foundation, often leave my apartment without makeup, since I don't feel the need for it. When I decide to wear makeup, I do it because I want to play with it. Not because I want to cover up something. For me, the most beautiful skin is "bare" skin that glows in its natural beauty. "


- Ines Šercelj for Fem