by FEM

Despite all the liberation that has been going on lately in the area of embracing the individual aesthetics, talking about plastic surgery is still quite a taboo. Despite 15 years or more of reality shows about total transformations. It's time we start to talk about such topics in a more relaxed tone. Esthetic surgery is here and it is not going anywhere. So today we're talking about two procedures that have been receiving the most attention lately. Both positive and negative. We're talking about botox and fillers.



One is pears, the other is apples. Let's not throw them in the same basket. "The difference between these two is huge! Botox or botulinum toxin is just like the name suggests a toxin that temporarily deactivates the targeted muscle group. Fillers, mostly talking about hyaluronic acid, only adds volume to the face," explains Dr. Andrej Testen. Botox is injected into a muscle that is guilty of causing mimic wrinkles (eyebrow-raising, squinting eyes, gazing angerly) to make it temporarily inactive. This reduces skin wrinkling and, consequently, wrinkles. Remember when your mom told you to stop frowning? With Botox, you can forget about that. "It can also be used as a neuromodulator. It can be used on someone who shows a lot of gums when smiling, to relax the muscle a little bit and get a different smile," says Dr. Testen. The good side of botox, however, is also its downside - the effect goes away over time. After about four months, its effectiveness gradually declines and completely disappears in about half a year. Depending on the strength of the muscle and human mimicry. 

In addition to botox, there are fillers. In the vast majority, this is hyaluronic acid. You know the thing that is also found in creams and serums, just in a slightly different form. Such fillers are injected into the places where the folds have already formed. That way they get smoothed by adding volume. Fillers can also enhance the lips, raise eyebrows, highlight the cheeks, and ultimately change the shape of the nose. The use of hyaluronic acid is completely safe and its effect, just like with Botox, disappears within a few months.



And neither will you. You're not even aware of the good procedures that people have. Which, of course, is quite logical since we only see the bad procedures. But it's not always the surgeon's fault. "It is necessary to be reasonable. This applies to both the doctor and the client. Each face has its limits, which must be respected. With excessive interventions, we can change the look of the face quite quickly. I like to start small and gradually upgrade, if necessary, of course, "says Dr. Testen. A bad reputation in plastic surgery comes mostly from excessively disfigured faces, which are immediately associated with botox. Which is far from the truth. Botox makes sure that the ladies in Hollywood always have the same look on their faces, whether they are sad or happy. But it's certainly the one behind those weird-looking faces with altered facial features. In this case, we are talking about too much filler. But this is your responsibility. If you come with a desire for a minor change, you will get it. Two things are key. Choose someone with a medical background you can trust and who knows how to handle things in the event of a complication (everything is solvable). Another very important thing is to find someone with whom you share a sense of aesthetics. It's the same as choosing the right architect. We all have different tastes, keep that in mind.


If you are thinking about botox, it is better to start sooner than later - say, in your early thirties. The philosophy behind this is to prevent the formation of wrinkles before they even occur. By the time the wrinkle settles on your face, it's too late. At that time think of fillers. The key to great looking skin is a holistic approach. "Fillers and botox don't solve everything. Internal support is also very important. A healthy lifestyle and replacing what we lose over the years is essential. The best and most rewarding result is with a combination of all the above. Taking hydro collagen will keep your skin full and delay the appearance of wrinkles. But beware of quality. Choose one without additives, excessive sugar and a molecular weight not exceeding 2000 Daltons, as this will ensure optimal absorption," explains Dr. Testen.

p.s. Upon leaving his office, we noticed an organic hydro collagen from Novelius Medical, on the shelf.