While the whole world deals with facial rejuvenation, other parts of the body are often forgotten. Poor hands for example. We also forget the fact that a man's true age is seen in his hands. But let's set this aging part aside, for now, we'll deal with that a bit later. The current subject of interest is "how to save your hands from the misery of winter"? Dry and cracked skin is a problem that we all face. Then there's the cuticle that looks like crepe paper, and let's not forget the awful nails. In winter, our hands are hidden under the gloves most of the time but unfortunately, we cannot wear them indoors. Unless you're Karl Lagerfeld (God rest his soul).

We must be as gentle with our hands as we are with our face. This means that we mustn't wash them with aggressive soaps and expose them to potentially dangerous circumstances. Read: when you're cleaning the bathroom, please put on some gloves. Even if you use those gentle Frosch products. This might seem obvious to some people, but I had to learn that the hard way. You can't expect me to buy rubber gloves when I spent all my money on expensive creams... Long story short, gloves are a great investment. I also like hard soaps. Go for ones that contain glycerin and similar moisturizers on the label, to avoid the feeling of dry hands. Glycerin is a humectant that binds water and is usually found in moisturizing creams. A basic Alverde hard soap is a fine choice, for example. It is found in all DM drugstores and costs about 75 cents. Buy three of them. One for your mom and one for your girlfriend. And since you're in the store, buy yourself a pair of cotton gloves. I'll explain why a bit later...

I can say that I consider myself an expert in hand creams, as I certainly use one tube a month. I have them everywhere, in my purse, my desk, next to my bed, on the counter in the kitchen, and of course in the bathroom. I usually have at least two in stock so that if I lose one, I don't panic. If asked what would I take with me to a lonely island, the answer would surely be: "sunblock, hand cream, and chapstick". Without these three things, you can immediately throw me into the sea. Avene Cold Cream has been my favorite "day" hand cream lately. Fulfills all my requirements. Super moisturizing, non-greasy and without an intense smell. The smell just disappears, which is another plus, since I can't stand creams smelling like bubblegum. It leaves a kind of film on my skin. You could say sit feels like satin. It's especially nice to apply it on damp skin as it helps to retain water.

The last and most important cream is Dr. August Wolff Linola Urea. Get a pen, write this down, remember it, copy it, whatever! This cream is God sent. The secret is that it contains a huge amount of urea - produced in the laboratory, not on the toilet. Applied to the skin, quickly penetrates the corneal layer, where it is easily absorbed and retains water. This increases the skin's ability to retain moisture and rehydrate itself. Topical application of urea also increases the formation of filaggrin, a vital protein that keeps everything in balance. Urea also helps build the defense mechanism of your skin and creates a lipid barrier. Linola Urea cream is best applied at bedtime as it's quite sticky. Apply in a thick layer, especially around the nails. This is where those previously mentioned cotton gloves come into play, which are vital in this process, as they wrap your hands and keep them warm. You'll wakeup with modeling material cuticles. Better start looking for modeling agencies and add "hand model" to your CV. But there is one mini, small, tiny catch. The cream is only available on prescription. Don't give up just yet! Go to your nearest store, but a pack of chocolates and some flowers, write a note that says "One Linola Urea, please. My life depends on it!" and take it to your GP. It'll work, you'll see.


Photo from Gelcream.co.